Our approach is to place architectural reflection firmly at the centre of the discussion around creation, to rediscover our ability to dream and to make others dream.

We also aim to boost dialogue and trust between the office and the client and all our partners by creating strong working relationships that bring together all parties. Our treatment of context is central to our overall approach: placing it at the heart of the reflection process; analysing and questioning
it; and isolating its component parts.

The analysis of context, the ability to adapt to it while reinterpreting it, is a fundamental part of this approach.

We produce a series of proposals which, presented to the clients, partners and/or users, aim to drive forward the creative process. Just one proposal makes it to the next stage, where it continues to evolve along the various phases of development. This is a consensual process. We create a number of different possibilities based on the distinct contextual criteria and
discussions with the client, our partners and our team. Altogether, this creates a unique project.

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