The office works on the basis of an iterative process, analysing, testing, mixing, creating, keeping, abandoning, rethinking all possibilities until a satisfactory proposal emerges.

This proposal then evolves further as we guide it through the process of exchange with the client and the various partners. We go to any lengths necessary to meet the demands of our clients, and we can manage projects in English, French and Dutch.

Projects are conceived and developed using several different tools of representation: 2D, 3D as well as physical modelling. Right from the start of the drafting process, models are the ideal tool of representation and above all, an aid to reflection and creation. Models can be used to explore different volume scenarios and to offer the client a different
perception of their project.

While each model begins life as a simple solid shape, it finishes up as an accurate and detailed representation of the project. It is this commitment to exploration and observation, along with constant discussion, which leads to the delivery of the ideal proposal.

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