The philosophy of sustainability is at the heart of our desire to engage in the creation of environmentally respectful and low-energy consumption buildings.

It is our conviction that the creation of environmental quality is not a technique that can be applied to an architectural project, but a comprehensive approach that must be integrated from the very beginning.

More than merely an environmental ambition, sustainability is a comprehensive concept that the practice intends to incorporate in all its projects. On top of this aspect come social and economic considerations, making up the three components that ensure the sustainability of any project. The use of roofs as public spaces and/or spaces for collective activity is an important issue for us. Our aim is to promote the idea of reintroducing green public space within construction wherever possible. Our conception of the city must evolve away from the horizontal to the three-dimensional, if we are to rise to the need to create denser urban centres and to offer better living spaces to city-dwellers.

We take great care over the selection of materials, with regard to their origins and the need for maintenance. The thought process goes beyond construction, taking into account the life cycle of the building and adopting a proactive approach. Buildings are networks of complex flows, and we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to help anticipate any possible malfunctions and to correct any mistakes as quickly as possible.

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