We want to develop an optimistic and generous view of architecture and urbanism, stating our firm belief in evolution, rather than revolution. We hope to play our part in rekindling enthusiasm for our cities and reclaiming our urban spaces.

This is a philosophical position, and far more important than a merely aesthetic goal. Our work is characterised by an absence of defined style,
a fluid aesthetic that evolves and becomes one with each new project, shaped by the analysis of the design criteria and the demands of the specific context.
If our aesthetic does not stand out as unique, our attitude is one of coherence, seamlessness and harmony.

We work to redefine functional space. Public spaces in today’s cities have taken on a structuring role, in the same way as built spaces. Today’s globalised society, defined by economic flows, multicultural exchanges, communication
technologies, climate change and migration flows, demands that we rethink the organisation of our urban and architectural spaces.

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